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Dress Code

Student dress should indicate respect for the educational environment and should be suitable for an active schedule. If a student comes to school and because of his/her dress, hair, or makeup is a distraction to others, parents will be notified to bring a change of clothing or the student will be removed from class.

Several examples of inappropriate attire include:


  • Midriff-baring, strapless, or backless tops
  • Short shorts and overly baggy pants or shirts
  • Open-toed or backless shoes, like flip flops
  • Hats are not allowed inside buildings
  • No displays of obscenity, drugs, alcohol, sex, and/or violence are
    permitted on clothing, jewelry or other apparel.
  • Students’ hair must be a naturally occurring hair color and the
    style should not be disruptive and make-up or cosmetics are
    not suitable.

The Mariposa staff wants all students to have a safe and wholesome environment in which they can learn and grow. Variances in the student dress code only include whole school sponsored spirit days and or activities, per the principal’s discretion.