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Dress Code

Student dress should indicate respect for the educational environment and should be suitable for an active schedule. If a student comes to school and because his/her dress, hair, or makeup is a distraction to others, parents will be notified to bring a change of clothing or the student will be removed from class.

Several examples of inappropriate attire include:


  • Midriff-baring, strapless, or backless tops
  • Short shorts and overly baggy pants or shirts
  • Open-toed or backless shoes, like flip flops
  • Hats are not allowed inside buildings
  • No displays of obscenity, drugs, alcohol, sex, and/or violence are
    permitted on clothing, jewelry or other apparel.
  • Holes in pants are fashionable, but must occur below mid-thigh (the same area a pair of shorts may come too). Holes may not pose a danger of getting caught on furniture or get snagged during gameplay or PE.

The Mariposa staff wants all students to have a safe and wholesome environment in which they can learn and grow. Variances in the student dress code only include whole school-sponsored spirit days and or activities, per the principal’s discretion.