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Music Packets

Beginning and Advanced Band

Students in grades 4-6 have the opportunity to participate in our Elementary Band Program. Research has shown that not only does playing a musical instrument increase blood flow in your brain, which can help an individual in need of energy, but it also contributes to an increase in brain development and long-term memory abilitiesMusic often helps people to relax and calm down after a hectic day, and many students listen to music while completing homework assignments on their own. It can sometimes be difficult for children to find ways to express themselves, especially if they are typically more reserved. Music, though, is like art in that students are able to practice a bit of creativity — especially when composing their own unique pieces — and they have opportunities to play with emotion.
Music will be at the following time for Mariposa this year: 
  • Intermediate String Ensemble: Wednesday 3:00-3:45
  • Beginning Instrumental Music: Thursday 2:05-3:45 
  • Advanced Band: Friday 2:05-2:50: 
Please view the welcome videos if your child decides to participate in music.