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Hello Monarchs
My name is Ms. Castillo
I am the Library Media Tech at Mariposa Elementary School 
Find the AR level of a book:
No fines will be distributed for books returned late
If a book is damaged or Lost, students have two options...
1.) Students may pay for the cost of the book
2.) Students may replace the book by purchasing another copy on Amazon, Target, etc. 
Gently used books are gladly accepted as donations. 
Millionaire's Club FAQ
Which students are chosen to receive a Millionaire's Club award during the monthly Champions of Character Assembly?
- The top 3 students that have moved up a tier will receive an award during the Champions of Character Assembly all other students will receive their award during their scheduled Library time.
Does the word count reset every trimester?
No, the words are accumulated throughout the entire school year.
How do I know how words my child has read?
Any other questions or concerns please feel free to reach out 
Thank you to the enduring generosity of parents, teachers, community partners and PTA .
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