Student Attendance


It is the law that all children attend school. Research shows that students who attend school regularly and arrive on time achieve more than their peers who are late or absent. All absences and tardies must be accounted for. Should your child be absent or tardy for any reason, please do the following:Call the school at (714) 529-4916 (attendance is extension 301)
Please note: Apportionment attendance is the basis for our funding from the state. It is very important that all students be in school every day for the full instructional day. The only reasons for excused absences are illness, necessary medical appointments, and death of a family member. These absences do receive apportionment. All other absences cost us funding.
Perfect attendance with no tardies earns a gold seal. More than 5 tardies throughout the school year is no longer perfect attendance.
VERY IMPORTANT: Absences and tardies also diminish the educational opportunity for all students. When a student enters a classroom late, it creates a distraction for other students and disrupts the instructional process. When a student is absent, it often means that important work on a group project must be either delayed, done by someone else, or remains incomplete. When a student returns from an absence, valuable instructional time may be lost in helping the student to “catch up”. Allowing students to miss school when it is not absolutely necessary also sends the message that school and education are not important. Allowing students to arrive tardy also sends the wrong message.
Attendance will be closely monitored and parents will be contacted for frequent tardies or absences.
While we do stress attendance at school and feel that it is vitally important to the education of your child, we do not want you to send your child to school if they have a fever or are throwing up. If ill, your child will not be receptive to learning and will only spread the illness to other children. In this season of the H1N1 virus, it is important to keep your child home when he or she is sick. In addition, we recommend to staff and students the following: sneeze into your elbow, blow your nose daily, rinse with warm salt water, and use alcohol-free antibacterial hand sanitizer. A child’s temperature should be normal for 24 hours before sending the child back to school. Please do not send the child back to school until they are completely recovered.
In the event your child comes to school with an unusual rash or pink swollen eyes, unless we have a note from the doctor stating that the condition is not contagious, we will call you to pick up your child. We do not diagnose. However, if we suspect a contagious condition, we will ask for a doctor’s verification of safety. If your child is injured seriously at school, we will call you first and lay out a plan of action. If we feel that the injury calls for immediate treatment, we will call 911 and then call you.
Minor injuries such as knee scrapes, etc., are taken care of by office personnel. In the event of a head injury, no matter how small, we will notify you of the status. We will also call you if any other injury would cause concern when the child comes home. Again, please remember we are not allowed to do any treatment other than clean and bandage skin from small mishaps. If your child is allergic to bee stings, or peanuts, or has any other serious health problem, it is vitally important that you list such matters on the emergency card.
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